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pest and desease

Pest and Disease Control

Lawns can become vulnerable to pests and disease for many reasons.  Its important to not only treat the problem, but to also figure out what might be causing it.

Turf Pests

-Turf pests come in all shapes and sizes.  They feed on different parts of turf.  There are root-feeders found in the soil, crown and stem-feeders found in thatch, and leaf and stem-feeders found on the blades of grass.


-If you think you might have a pest problem, we would be happy to come do an inspection.  The most important part of treating a pest is proper identification.

Turf Disease

-Three factors are required for infectious disease to occur.

    1. susceptible host

    2. in the presence of an infectious pathogen

    3. and under favorable environmental conditions. 

-Temperature and moisture combinations are critical to the development of foliar diseases.

-Every yard is susceptible to turf diseases.  Its much easier to treat if you catch it early so don't wait if you think your yard is infected.  Call today!

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